High Quality of Life
Lower Cost of Living

In Richmond, VA, just a short drive from DC, Baltimore and New York, you will find a vibrant Jewish community of wholesome living in a uniquely southern environment. In this land of “Sirs” and “Ma’ams,” where good middos are second nature, our K-8 Jewish day school, Boys' Yeshiva High School and Beis Midrash, and Girls' High School offer top quality educational programs taught by teachers with average tenure in our schools of over 18 years. A state- sponsored education improvement scholarship program (tuition savings page) enables the community to provide full tuition scholarships for grades K-12 for modest income families (for example, a family of four children with income under $98.9k would qualify). There are multiple choices for davening (shul, yeshiva), an array of adult learning opportunities, a fully functioning Vaad Hakashrus, an eruv and a beautiful new mikvah.

Jobs are abundant. Richmond is home to eight Fortune 500 companies, a major research university, a top medical center, the state Capitol, major financial institutions and a growing logistics hub.  Richmond is a vibrant city, winning accolades for its quality of life; outdoor, cultural and historic amenities; and business friendly environment.  (See complete list of accolades at http://www.grpva.com/doing-business/accolades/.) Enjoy all this in your own home, with your own large yard, for less than what you are paying in the New York area.

We would love for you to be our guests. Please contact us about a visit so we can personally extend our Southern hospitality to you.

Communal Amenities:

Shabbos Groups & Youth Activities
Day School (K-8)
Yeshiva High School & Bais Midrash
Girls High School
Kosher Establishments
Richmond Jewish Rescue
Job Opportunities
Apartments/Rental Houses