We believe our community & city have something special. We know you will too.

There is a true sense of community, with a warmth and hospitality that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. That the people here develop friendships & connections that will last a lifetime. Here our children are not lost in a sea of 30 children crammed into a classroom. That our children don't just see their friends at school or a playdate that you might be able to squeeze into an already busy week. What makes our community great is the shul, the schools, community, friends, Shabbos groups, activities, and the city itself.

What's great about our community?

  • In the last three years more than thirty families have joined our community
  • Wonderful Shabbos Groups that have over 50 kids each week engaged, learning, and playing with their peers on Yom Tov & Shabbos.
  • Always something to do in Richmond: Community Events, Shabbos Dinners, Concerts, Museums, Nature Trails, and more.

Explore Richmond, VA with our:

  • World Class Museums
  • State of the Art Libraries with Media & 3D Labs
  • Waterfront, Beaches
  • Nature Trails, Parks, and State Parks
  • State & County Fairs
  • Biking Paths & Trails - Including the new Capital Bike Trail
  • Amusements Parks & Virginia Beach are only a short trip away
  • Marathons
  • The Richmond Squirrels Minor League Baseball Team. Go Squirrels!
  • Excellent hospitals with one just minutes from the community
  • Learn at University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, and Virginia Tech.

Learn more about the Greater Richmond Area online at http://www.grpva.com/living-in-richmond

Fit My Video Tag
  • Richmond named "Top 20 Cities to start a Business" - CNBC
  • Richmond awarded 1st Place in "Mayor's Climate Protection" - U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Richmond named "Priority City" to connect youth to the Great Outdoors - Let's Move! Outside
  • Richmond named "Tree City USA" for 25th Consecutive year - Arbor Day Foundation
  • Richmond named "Playful City USA" - KaBOOM! (play matters for all kids)
  • Richmond named #47 of the top 50 "Invest Health" cities - Invest Health
  • Richmond named third internationally in "Best Places to Travel"- Travel & Leisure
  • #8 in "Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker" - Movie Maker
  • Richmond named a 'top destination' for food travel - National Geographic
  • Richmond named the nation's fourth hottest housing market - Zillow